Epoxy Flooring – Future of Residential and Commercial Painting
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Epoxy Flooring – Future of Residential and Commercial Painting

The concept of painting a house or a commercial structure has been around for years. It’s not new news that painting your home is a great way to give it a face-lift or that when you sell your home it’s a good idea to give it a fresh look. The same could be said about commercial properties. The aesthetic of your commercial property is highly dependent on the paint and design you go with.

With that being said, in the last few years there has been quite a trend in epoxy floors. You may have seen the YouTube video of painters applying a design to a floor and then putting what appears to be a clear goo on top of it, then that floor ending up with a beautiful design that’s got a great shiny finish to it. Not every residential and commercial painting contractor is able to do something like this. It’s somewhat of a specialized field and it’s mostly used in commercial properties, however throughout the recent years it has been seen to appear in homes as well.

In the mid to late 2000’s it was quite the fad to have a polished concrete floor in your condo if you wanted to give it a modern look and feel. Today you can still find this relatively commonly, however epoxy floors are quickly becoming the new craze. So how do you go about finding a painter who can provide this type of service?

Unfortunately your neighbor’s nephew who is looking for a little summer work isn’t going to be able to provide something like this. Epoxy flooring is a highly chemical process and should only be handled by a licensed professional. Find a professional who can take your favorite epoxy floor designs and recreate it in your home or commercial property. This type of flooring looks great in a restaurant and could really catch the attention of your potential customers.

Although having someone paint on a beautiful epoxy floor isn’t the cheapest thing in the world (some sources say it can cost an average of $12 per square foot), if you have the money and your design is worth the investment, you should do it! Putting in hardwood flooring has a similar price range, to epoxy flooring.

In the coming years it’s speculated that more and more home owners and business owners will be turning to epoxy flooring for their remodels, however we estimate that this will be a fad that will fade away in the next two decades as did linoleum floors and wallpaper. Even if that is the case, you can enjoy your epoxy floor now while they’re still hot.

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