Long Tail Keywords Research
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Long Tail Keywords Research

What are Long Tail Keywords?

To explain what long tail keywords are, let’s suppose that you are selling olives on your website.

If you try to target your site for the obvious keyword “olives”, then it will be very hard and challenging for your page or site to be ranked very high on the search engine results page. This is simply because there are too many pages out there about olives. There is too much competition. Too many other websites want to be ranked highly for the word “olives”.

Therefore, we have to be more specific. What type of olives are you selling? Are they Kalamata olives? Are they black olives? Or are they green olives? Okay, let’s say they are green olives.

So a keyword with less competition would be “green olives”. There will be less competition because there are fewer websites that are specifically about “green olives” than websites about “olives”.  Nevertheless, if you do a web search for that phrase, you will still get a lot of search results. Competition is still high and still tough to be getting on the first page of the search results.

So let’s go a little bit more specific. Are the olives with seed or pitted? Let’s say they are pitted as an example. So our long tail keyword would be “pitted green olives”. This can be considered a long tail keyword example that we should put in our titles, alt tags, and so on.

Mike at Market Pro Media says “The characteristic of a long tail keyword is that fewer people will be searching for that keyword phrase. However, there will also be less competition, increasing the chances that your web page will come up higher in the search results when such a search for that keyword phrase does occur.”

It is a trade-off. Visualize a graph with the vertical axes indicating the number of searches, and horizontal axes of all the possible keyword phrase. On the left side of the horizontal axes, you have the keyword “olives”. The number of searches for that is high. Further to the right on the horizontal axis would be “green olives”.  Moving further to the right on the horizontal axis would be “pitted green olives”. We are getting more and more specific as we move right on the horizontal axis. And the number of searches for those keywords well is less and less.

It is the keywords on the right side of the horizontal axes that is known as the long tail keywords because they are in the long tail region of that graph. These are very specific keyword phrases that do not have a lot of competition. They have the advantage of being able to bring your web page to the first page of the search result.

The phrase “organic pitted green olives” would be considered an even longer tail keyword phrase. Since olives can be packaged either in cans or jars, the phrase “organic pitted green olives in a jar” would be even still further right on that graph.

Now, you do not want to go too far to the right. Otherwise, the number of search volume would be too low to be of any use. In this case, it might be too specific. There would be an optimum area somewhere within the graph where you should aim your keyword phrases to be. You can see the approximate number of searches per month using that Google external keyword tool.

So I hope this would help explain what it means when you read “long tail keywords” in search engine optimization literature.

Epoxy Flooring – Future of Residential and Commercial Painting

The concept of painting a house or a commercial structure has been around for years. It’s not new news that painting your home is a great way to give it a face-lift or that when you sell your home it’s a good idea to give it a fresh look. The same could be said about commercial properties. The aesthetic of your commercial property is highly dependent on the paint and design you go with.

With that being said, in the last few years there has been quite a trend in epoxy floors. You may have seen the YouTube video of painters applying a design to a floor and then putting what appears to be a clear goo on top of it, then that floor ending up with a beautiful design that’s got a great shiny finish to it. Not every residential and commercial painting contractor is able to do something like this. It’s somewhat of a specialized field and it’s mostly used in commercial properties, however throughout the recent years it has been seen to appear in homes as well.

In the mid to late 2000’s it was quite the fad to have a polished concrete floor in your condo if you wanted to give it a modern look and feel. Today you can still find this relatively commonly, however epoxy floors are quickly becoming the new craze. So how do you go about finding a painter who can provide this type of service?

Unfortunately your neighbor’s nephew who is looking for a little summer work isn’t going to be able to provide something like this. Epoxy flooring is a highly chemical process and should only be handled by a licensed professional. Find a professional who can take your favorite epoxy floor designs and recreate it in your home or commercial property. This type of flooring looks great in a restaurant and could really catch the attention of your potential customers.

Although having someone paint on a beautiful epoxy floor isn’t the cheapest thing in the world (some sources say it can cost an average of $12 per square foot), if you have the money and your design is worth the investment, you should do it! Putting in hardwood flooring has a similar price range, to epoxy flooring.

In the coming years it’s speculated that more and more home owners and business owners will be turning to epoxy flooring for their remodels, however we estimate that this will be a fad that will fade away in the next two decades as did linoleum floors and wallpaper. Even if that is the case, you can enjoy your epoxy floor now while they’re still hot.

If you learned something good from this article please be sure to share it! Special thanks to The Painting Company who is one of the contractors that can provide epoxy painting services. You can visit The Painting Company here and let them know you heard about them through this article.

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Earn Money While You Blog

Did you know that your blog could become a virtual cash machine?

If you know the tricks of the trade, you can quickly reap plenty of profits from your blog. Read on for some of our tips to help you monetize your blog!

Put Up Ads
One of the best ways to generate passive income from your blog is by putting up advertisements on your blog. However, these ads need to be relevant to what your blog is about and its central theme. You can easily find sponsors and other companies on the internet who will be more than willing to advertise on your blog especially if your blog gets lots of traffic. So, ideally, the first thing you want to make sure is that your blog is popular online and has a good number of visitors coming to it on a regular basis.

Selling Products
There are several powerful and efficient e-commerce plugins that you can use for your blog. These can help you transform your blog into a shopping cart that allows you to sell products on the blog. So, let’s say you own a blog that deals with software and associated products. You discuss the latest developments, technological advancements, and general tips and know how on selecting the best software online. In addition to just giving out valuable information to customers, you can add a monetary value to your blog by selling actual, high-quality software. However, you need to have a high quality customized shopping cart as well as a variety of payment processors that allow customers to pay through various modes. The other thing you need to do is to persuade your customers to buy from your blog. So, your advertising skills need to be pretty good!

Google Adsense
Google’s Adsense is probably one of the most used revenue generating tools by websites and blogs alike. It works like a large affiliate network where you can place Google’s textual ads onto your blog or site. Then whenever a user clicks through your blog onto these links, you get a share of the revenue. It is easy to use tool that is free of cost to register. There is a bit of code that you need to copy paste into your browser to activate Adsense, but that’s all there is to it!

Social Networking Sites
Social networking sites are an amazing way to get more popularity for your website or blog online. Social networking is an offshoot of the Web 2.0 technology that has taken the internet world by storm. You can use social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, etc., to bookmark other sites and get bookmarked by other blogs and sites too! It is a give and take process that promises massive traffic and customers to your blog. If you are selling products on your blog you want the maximum number of visitors into your site and for this optimization is critical. When customers come to your landing page, they want to see something of value that will compel them to buy from your blog. This is where optimization and call to action to persuade customers to buy come into the picture. It is these aspects that will impact the sales conversion ratios on your blog.

How Does Facebook Help To Gain Followers And Succeed In SEO?

Social networking and search engine optimization are two different terms, but when they join hands, the union can be beneficial for Internet marketers. In fact, in recent times, SEO is incomplete without proper manipulation of social networking websites. Amongst all, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the most famous social networking websites. To make your SEO strategies successful, you must get the help of this social networking.Facebook and SEO – How can you connect?

Social networking websites are meant for better connectivity. Especially, most famous platforms like Facebook help you to reach up to more and more people around the globe. Currently, more than 1.11 billion people are using Facebook profiles to stay connected. So you can realize how widespread the reach is.

For successful search engine optimization, you need to connect well with your audience. The common key between Facebook and SEO is better connectivity. Yes, you can use Facebook to elongate your followers’ list and spread the right word for your business.The way Facebook helps in gaining followers in SEO terms

In the following way, Facebook may help in gaining a sufficient number of followers for better SEO benefits. Just have a look at these points below: Fetching fan pages get more likes: Fan page in Facebook is a great medium for the companies and organizations to get the attention of people. You must promote your fan page well to get more followers. If your page is interesting enough, then it won’t take you much time to increase your followers’ list. The interesting fact is you won’t even have to pay any extra buck to promote your fan page. So it’s very much feasible, especially for the small businesses.Better communication helps in brand building: You need to build a positive image for your brand to succeed in search engine optimization. Your followers on Facebook may help you a lot in building the right brand. You can interact with your followers and get an idea about their changing demands. This interaction will help you to build your brand. Social bookmarking makes the things even better: Social bookmarking is supposed to benefit SEO in a big way. For that, you need to make the most of your social networking skills. You must make sure that your followers are interested in visiting your company’s website too. Of course, to keep the interest of your followers alive, you must work on improving your Facebook profile first.

Facebook may turn out to be a powerful medium for better search engine optimization, but you must work hard for the whole setting to work. Being nonsensical is a strict no-no for smart social networking. Create groups and include people who are interested in your organization or brand. Publish latest news and happenings about your brand in that group. This is free publicity for your brand which you must utilize to the fullest. So just make good use of your social networking skills and grow your brand along with Facebook followers.